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Welcome to Mastering Excellence in Leadership with Jim Grant, trusted advisor to senior leaders and executives worldwide​

If you’re an aspiring leader, or new to your leadership journey, you’ve come to the right place. 

This series will teach you the skills required to lead successfully, with each module addressing a crucial leadership skill used by the world’s senior leaders and executives.

The thing I heard over and over from Executives I coached was “I wish I had known this stuff when I started out as a leader.” Jim Grant

Meet Jim Grant

Best known for his work in leadership and high-performance team development, Jim brings a lifetime of experience of working with thousands of clients all over the world, coaching the most senior of leaders and executives.

What you’ll learn...

  • Work through the absolute essential skills that all leaders need to know and understand to be successful
  • Grow and harness your emotional intelligence to lead more effectively
  • Master the art of the coaching leadership style
  • Develop and leverage your leadership skills to meet the challenges of your role
  • Build and sustain successful, high-performing teams
  • Master the crucial leadership skills used by senior leaders and executives today

Leadership modules

This digital series consists of five modules designed to grow your leadership skills through personal and professional development. You can buy modules individually or purchase the essential set and SAVE A$298.

Module two: Emotional ability

Module two: Emotional ability

Master and leverage the essential skills of emotional ability - crucial to lead successfully and produce optimal outcomes. BONUS The Emotional Intelligence Workbook by Jim Grant and Dr Susan David, PH.D.

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Module three: Leader as coach

Module three: Leader as coach

An essential capability for any leader is the ability to coach. Master this style and the payoff is immense! Test your current skill level and master the key elements of coaching. BONUS Jim Grant’s Leader as Coach Workbook.

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Module four: Leadership agility

Module four: Leadership agility

Fast track your leadership success with skills being used right now by the most senior executives. We cover culture, tough conversations, leadership style choices, managing performance, giving feedback.

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Module five: Build and lead great teams

Module five: Build and lead great teams

If you have ambition to lead, this skill matters! Build high performing teams right from the start of your career. This module combines over 30 years' experience of working with teams at the highest levels in one place.

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Crucial skills for aspiring leaders…

  • Get ahead in leadership before most people do. Understand and drive your leadership now!
  • Compacted years of experience into digital lessons – practical and useful
  • The skills, knowledge and ability to lead effectively and advance your career

“This series will help you to lead like a veteran; lead people, lead change, lead projects, lead organisations and help advance your career.”

Jim Grant


Throughout my career, I have seen remarkable success stories and catastrophic leadership failures

Too often people are plunged into leadership roles with little support, guidance or development opportunity.

This series will teach you the skills required to lead successfully, with each module addressing a crucial leadership skill used by the world’s senior leaders and executives.

Don’t fly blind or hope things will be ok. Register today and get the head start you need to become a great leader.

Most material out there is a how-to guide for organisations to teach their new leaders how to lead. The problem is, they don’t get around to doing it, and new leaders are left to figure it out themselves.

This series is specifically designed for the new leader – to help themselves. No one cares more about your development than you do. Don’t wait around for trial and error.

What you'll get

  • Access to the essential set of Mastering Excellence in Leadership
  • In-depth learning via pre-recorded video workshops
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources valued at over A$59
  • Access to online support and guidance

Purchase all five modules and SAVE A$298!

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Have a team of 10 or more?

If you’re looking to implement leadership development for new and emerging leaders on a larger scale, head to our Corporate Packages page to learn about your options. 

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83% of employers believe it’s important to develop leaders at all levels in a company.

Source: Business Insider