Mastering Excellence in Leadership Series

The Essential Set of Leadership Skills – Full Package

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In the full package you will receive what Jim has selected to be the Essential Set of Leadership skills.

This package will give you a foot in the door, by passing on to you what Jim has learnt from leaders, academic studies and his own considerable experience working with thousands of leaders in programs, groups or one on one coaching all over the world.

Great leaders are highly self-aware! As an aspiring leader, you want to become more of your authentic self and become everything you are capable of being. This kind of success requires a process. Your great skills and technical ability are no longer a success factor for leading. You will now need a new set of skills and behaviours critical for leadership success.

Who is this module for?

  • New leaders
  • Emerging or aspiring leaders
  • Leaders looking to advance their leadership to the next level

What you’ll get

  • In-depth learning via a pre-recorded video workshop hosted by leadership expert, Jim Grant
  • Downloadable worksheets, resources and eBooks
  • Access to online support and guidance

“The early days of leading can be some of the best learning and development you may ever have if you treat them as such an opportunity.”

Jim Grant

Far too often, the new leader and their organization take for granted just how difficult it can be to transition from technical or functional expert to a leader of people.

The numbers prove it:

  • 20% of first-time managers are doing a poor job, according to their subordinates.
  • 26% of first-time managers felt they were not ready to lead others to begin with.
  • Almost 60% said they never received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role.

No wonder 50% of managers in organizations are rated as ineffective.

Source: Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership Series Content:

Module one: The mental reset – know yourself first

Knowing yourself well in order to lead well is non-negotiable. “Stop there, go no further,” if you don’t get this. Leading is a conscious choice – your good intentions are not enough to help you succeed. You need to be confident that you know yourself inside out in order to be truly effective. We look at behaviour change, what drives you, your values, personality and thinking. Great leaders are highly self-aware and reach their full potential.

Module two: Emotional ability

Work through the absolute essential skills that all leaders need to know and understand to be successful. A leader’s fundamental task is an emotional task. Leaders who have high Emotional Ability lead more successfully and produce optimal outcomes.
This module includes access to The Emotional Intelligence Workbook written by Jim Grant and co-writer Dr Susan David of Harvard University.

Module three: Leader as coach

An essential capability for any leader is the ability to coach. Yet, it is poorly understood and very few people are skilled at it. The Coaching leadership style is about developing people. Master this style and the payoff is immense! Designed to test your current skill levels and deepen your understanding of the key elements of the coaching process. Here you will also have access to Jim Grant’s Leader as Coach Workbook.

Module four: Leadership agility

The essential leadership skills that new and experienced leaders ask me about all the time. We cover culture, tough conversations, leadership style choices, managing performance, giving feedback. These are the foundational skills that matter (and despite the information out there still arise as issues). Fast track your leadership success with skills being used right now with even the most senior executives.

Module five: Build and lead great teams

Build effective and high performing teams with the skills that work right from the start of your career. This module combines over 30 years’ experience of working with teams at the highest levels and vast research on best practice – pulled into one neat package. Don’t wait for a lifetime of experience to develop the key leadership skill of building and sustaining great teams. If you have an ambition to lead, this matters!

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Purchase all five modules and SAVE A$298 – only A$1495 A$1197

I get great satisfaction from seeing my clients achieve their outcomes, personally and professionally – watching their careers grow as they step up into new roles, new projects, and build their capability as great leaders.

Jim Grant