Module five: Build and lead great teams

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Mastering Excellence in Leadership series

Module five: Building and leading a team

Build effective and high performing teams with the skills that work right from the start of your career. This module combines over 30 years’ experience of working with teams at the highest levels and vast research on best practice – pulled into one neat package. Don’t wait for a lifetime of experience to develop the key leadership skill of building and sustaining great teams. If you have ambition to lead, this matters!

Who is this module for?

  • New leaders
  • Emerging or aspiring leaders
  • Leaders in new teams
  • Leaders of low-functioning teams
  • Leaders looking to move their leadership and team to the next level

What you’ll get

  • In-depth learning via a pre-recorded video workshop hosted by leadership expert, Jim Grant
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources
  • Access to online support and guidance

Course Duration

70 minutes plus activity time

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