The Big Step Up

Have you set your sights to be a team leader, or perhaps you have been recently promoted?

Ask yourself "How can I be the best leader this team needs?"
It's not an easy question to answer.

The need is URGENT. And we hear you.

Over the last 2 years, there has been a huge demand for easily accessible Leadership Training. Something that people can learn and act on immediately in their roles – their current role, or one they are looking to be promoted into. We give you The Big Step Up!

Here at Jim Grant Institute, we are specialists in leadership and managerial training. After all, Jim himself has over 30 years’ experience in working with the top organisations in Australia and worldwide, and is imparting his high-performance team management wisdom to enable you to lead like a veteran.

Our BIG STEP UP! Package comprises 2 of our essential learning modules PLUS…

The unique opportunity to have 30 minutes 1:1 private mentoring with Jim Grant.

Designed to enhance your leadership skills, and enable your team members to be the best versions of themselves to ensure a productive, efficient and cohesive work environment.

Big Step Up Package

Be armed with the tools to lead a team effectively. These skills are life long, and are the foundations of great leadership, which are transferable across business, sport, and personal relationships. 

Take advantage of our special offer for $247, valued at over $1,397 including the unique opportunity for a 1:1 private mentoring session with Jim Grant.

Jim is a maven within the industry. With over 30 years corporate consultancy experience, he is the leading leadership and training expert worldwide. Having access to a 1:1 session with Jim is an experience that will not be forgotten. No doubt the wisdom he imparts, will be referred back to over the many years of your corporate and personal life.

Module 1: The Mental Reset – Know Yourself First

In order to be an effective leader, you must know yourself intrinsically. Leading is a conscious choice, just ‘wanting’ to be a good leader is not enough. We delve deeper into knowing your values, how you think, work and react to different situations.

Module 2:
Leadership Agility

Here is where you learn the foundation skills of those veteran leaders. We cover topics such as culture, managing performance, tough conversations, leadership style choices as well as giving feedback.

Private 1:1 Mentor Session
with Jim Grant

A 30 minutes 1:1 private mentoring session with Jim Grant. Truly a unique opportunity to gain insights from Jim himself, and ask any questions you may have regarding leadership. Valued at over $500.

“Great leaders have a profound impact – they set the direction, drive growth and development. They inspire great culture, innovation and collective identity.”

Jim Grant

Bonus Module

Special bonus for action takers!

Once you’ve completed the first two modules, and submitted your learning and action review, we’ll send you Jim Grant’s Emotional Intelligence module as a bonus – an important big step up in your leadership development. 

Bonus Module: Emotional ability

This module will encourage you to master and leverage the skills of your emotional abilities. It is fundamental for successful leaders to have high emotional ability in order to manage people effectively. This is where you will enhance your emotional intelligence skills.